give me your hand & you will see

6:33 AM

( top; pull&bear, midi skirt; bangkok, belt; asos, sunnies; bali, earrings; h&m, bag; shanghai )

I have never felt so ready to drop everything ( right now ) & travel around the world, I am so sure right now that I'm ready, hmmm just waiting for my travel companion ( whom I can't do without ) to be as ready. This space shall become a travel log, uh-huh. 

( view from my dad's in Suzhou )

Yeah, I just returned home from China. Okay, no photos. It was my third trip but it felt like a first time. For me, it isn't the best place to live in, with the bans of Facebook & Google & Blogger & Twitter ( you tend to feel cut off from the world & I was there mainly for business purposes, internet was essential ), plus more internet restrictions & the sky is never-blue-no-matter-how-cloudless & hygiene issues & litter everywhere & kids peeing on the streets & too many whizzing cyclists that never stop or give way to pedestrians, uh, not very pleasant.  Just some things to get used to, anyway. Not much of a language barrier since I know Chinese, though not as fluent. The people are mostly kind, but not exactly people-oriented, they appear to be unapproachable & shout a lot to one another, be it friendly or in a heated moment. Shopkeepers are friendly until you try to bargain they can become rather nasty & pull long faces at you ( but I enjoyed the haggling, i.e. from 160rmb for 1 item to 2 items for 100rmb, LOL, you just have to give it a try, or you'd never know ).  Looking forward to more trips to make ! 

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