Sometimes life it takes you by the hair

10:29 AM

We can never be old enough to not have that silly love for snow fights.  When you are in a snow field, all you'd want is toss that pile of snow onto someone's face & for no reason make their day like that.  & then I realised I wear pretty similar every day in winter, I layer up a lot ( ! ) & I wear mens' thermal gloves lol, I think the boy's got more style than I do in cold weather days.  Now that I'm back home ...

These days I've been thinking a lot about moving out & into the unfamiliarity. I've also thought about taking up French classes & Drumming classes.  My mind's also gone through thoughts about pulling off a venture & the good's/bad's of working in a corporate office.  Just another thought, I'm lucky to even have the time to think through.  I wish someone out there is wearing the same pair of shoes I'm in ?

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