Metal worker.

2:55 AM

I've always been one to get my hands dirty when it comes to things I love. This journey (to somewhere gold) has to be documented so here it all goes. I picked up metalsmithing just so I could get better at knowing how metals work and how to work with metals. It's all science and chemistry but being back at working with my two hands is quite my kind of thing. As of now, I'm settled in a place I can call my own for the next half of the year and my workbench is all set up within the past couple of weeks. So I finally got down to working with brass and copper to practice a little each day.

The blowtorch isn't much of a friend yet. It just gave me a nasty burn on my forearm. Although, I was  pretty exhausted from firing silver all day.

So I broke a couple of fine silver rings I had made; skinny shanks with bezelled gems, and designs with open shank can be quite brittle.

I ended up with this one in 999 Fine Silver with a tapered cut blue corundum. It's very handmade, note its uneven shank and raw edges. 

Ah, the beauty of metals.

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