The 5 things I'm looking forward to in 2016

4:14 AM

I wrote quite a bit last year but never hit that 'Publish' button. So, why now?

Just about time for me to allocate a writing sesh for each time a new discovery (of life! or simply of diamonds and jewels).

Taking up jewelry courses on a whim was probably one of the best things I've ever done. I loved it. Every bit of the math involved, the art of soldering, less the burns and the finger cuts, I'm most delightful every now and then, especially happy for every shipment of metals I receive. The infinite possibilities of making almost anything with silver and gold get me like, aha! just about every single time a ring is made.

You know that feeling when you poach your eggs right, some days you can't get it the way you like it, pretty much sums up how jewelry-making works for me. I'm no chef, but I love food ;)

Halfway into my mid-life, and I am now married, I went on a work vacay stint, I made my own job, I quit a job, being young is no longer where I am at anymore. There are some things happening this year and some I can dream about. They might just make my life a lot more amazing than it already is.

1. My own house
The best place for get-togethers is where I'm at! ;) We collected our keys last December and getting down to the renovation process takes a whole lot of effort. I only wish it can be done to the way we know we will love for a long time to come. I'm most inspired in a room filled with natural light and right now it's pretty tricky to get the sunbeams through to the small bathroom and kitchen spaces. Yes I need inspirations coming in while in the shower. That's exactly where I think (sing, jk) most.

2. Another great year in the current work studio
There's no place like any other that you can mess up but let you breathe inspiration at the same time. Office chaos (I'm talking dirty workbenches and piled up invoices) is not something we'd like in our pretty Scandinavian-organized homes (don't we all wish for the same?). That daily commute can be quite a hassle but gives me time to make a mental plan of how my day should go. I love a coworking space and having to share it with like-minded people yet again this year it takes a lot of silences off when I get bored of my Spotify playlists (I put on repeat all the time). Besides, if collaborations are a plus, then I can't wait for what's to come.

3. Taking up classes
The true joy in going to school is when you know you can apply the skills you picked up from amazing experienced people. On one hand I may have met these people who can help me hone my skills, on another, no one really has the time to get down to teach me. I'm thinking (yeah I'm always thinking). I think it's a good chance for me to get my ass in San Francisco sometime this year for a couple of crash courses. Maybe I'm just saying. I'd definitely love to.

4. Get my eating habits right
The new home has me like "I'm so going to roast Brussels sprouts with that built-in oven" and "No we don't need a hood, we're not frying our food". And I'm into blenders and smoothies and I can do so much with avos. Who am I kidding? I can never get my diets right. I'll try.

5. Make time for the outdoors
Sometime in late 2013 (a jolly good 2+ years ago), we quit our jobs, took up a work holiday in New Zealand, and I couldn't not keep going back. We stayed for four months that quickly flew by. I fell in love with the backcountry life. We made new friends, young and old like 18 to 50+ years, we spoke of vulgar German words, we loved the same road trip music, we shared jokes. As city kids, we challenged ourselves to dirty jobs, showers with roaches, sleeping in rat-infested rooms, and boy, were we out-of-this-world good at snippin' grapes!

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